What is the average turnaround time that I can expect to see deposits made to my account from sales made on Passage?

There's approximately TWO days before deposits hit your account. All your transactions for a day are batched at midnight GMT/UTC, and ACH'd the following morning. The Federal Reserve bank then holds those funds for ONE business day. So you will see your funds deposited into your account the second day after the transactions (unless your bank is holding it for some reason).

Here's the schedule:
Day 1: All transactions for the day are batched at midnight.
Day 2: We submit ACH, Fed Reserve hold funds for 1 business day. 
Day 3: You see the funds hit your account!

For example, for transactions made on a Monday, we'd submit the ACH Tuesday morning, and you'll see them hit your account on Wednesday morning.

To get your deposit amount simply head to your Transaction Report, set the Time Zone filter to (GMT +00:00 UTC), and set the Purchased Date From and Purchased Date To filters to the date(s) you need (same day for Mon-Thurs sales, Fri-Sun range for weekend sales). This will show the deposits for that day or date range. Here's the usual schedule: 

TUESDAY sales will get deposited on THURSDAY.
WEDNESDAY sales will get deposited on FRIDAY.
THURSDAY sales will get deposited on MONDAY.
FRIDAY sales will get deposited on TUESDAY.
SATURDAY, SUNDAY, and MONDAY sales will get deposited on WEDNESDAY. 

The only things that can throw this off are if your bank holds funds before allowing you access to them (more common than you'd think), or if there's a banking holiday (in which case the holiday would not count as a banking business day).