Are you an event organizer for a way to keep track of your attendees without the app, or as a backup in case you lose app connectivity? Here's how!

  1. Head to the "Admin" area by logging in, and then select "Admin" from the "Account" drop-down menu in the top-right.
  2. You'll automatically be on the "Events" tab. Select the "Events" tab if you're not already there.
  3. Select the "Select An Option" drop-down on the event you'd like a guestlist for. 
  4. Click "Guest List" and choose the appropriate options (timeslot and format). Regarding the formats: A PDF file is easier to read & print, but isn't editable. A CSV file can be easily opened and edited, sorted, and manipulated in a spreadsheet application (say, Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets), but doesn't contain any formatting to ensure easy printing. 


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