A successful purchase will take you to a screen that shows your tickets with options to view, print, download, or email them to yourself or a friend.

If you do not see your tickets displayed on screen after clicking "purchase" as in the above example, then your card was declined due to some incorrect information entered in the form. Here are some of the most common reasons a card could be declined:

  1. Incorrect CVV code - Check to make sure the 3 or 4 digit security code you entered in the form matches what is on your card.
  2. Incorrect zip code - The zip code entered needs to match the information that is on file with the card-issuing bank. If you have moved since opening the account, but not updated your account information with your bank, then you could try a previous zip code to complete your purchase.
  3. Invalid card number - This will leave you on the checkout screen and display a "Your card number is incorrect." error just above the field for your card number. Check to make sure the 16 digits are entered correctly and there are no spaces or dashes.
  4. Generic decline - Sometimes the card-issuing bank will decide not to allow the transaction to go through. Unfortunately, they do not provide any more information, but the most common reasons for this on their part tend to be: 1) reports of fraudulent activity using the account, 2) a replacement card having been issued, but not yet activated by the cardholder, or 3) the account being frozen due to overdrawn funds. You will need to contact your card-issuing bank directly for more information.