If you're looking to accept credit/debit card transactions with the Passage Manager App then this is the article for you!

For in-person transactions, we've integrated the Passage mobile swiper which will work with the Passage Manager App to allow you to swipe credit/debit cards for in-person transactions. 

You can order a Passage card reader in our online shop: https://gopassage.com/shop/

Passage integrates with the Element A100 and Element A200 card readers. Some devices are NOT compatible with that reader. Before ordering, take a look at a complete list of compatible devices for Android. Both the A100 and A200 readers will work for any Apple device running iOS 8.0 or above.

Below are some quick info about using the swipers from the Passage Support Portal at http://support.gopassage.com. As always, if you need any help, just let us know.

Once you have your swiper, here's how to get it going:

First, if you haven't done so already, please download the Passage Manager App on your device. You can search the iTunes or Google Play Store for the app. You'll need to access the "Sell" screen: click the icon at the bottom of the screen on iOS, or left-hand side menu on Android.

Simply make sure the swiper is plugged into your device's audio jack, and when you get to checkout you should see the words "Swipe Credit Card now to complete transaction" in yellow at the checkout screen. If it says "Not Connected" in yellow, then please double check that the card swiper is plugged in firmly and that your device headphone volume is all the way up.

Once you see "Swipe Card Now" swipe your customer's credit or debit card with the magnetic strip towards the plug side of the device. Make sure the card's magnetic strip stays completely inside the swiper's sleeve for the entire swipe. Do not lift out early, or you won't get a read of the entire magnet strip. Here's an example diagram:

After Swiping
After swiping, please wait until you received a response (anywhere from 2 to 5 seconds). If the swipe & transaction are successful, you'll simply be taken to a page asking for the card-holder's signature on the screen (a big white box). From this screen the cardholder can sign, and you can e-mail a receipt (using the top box), or print a receipt or tickets if you have a printer set up.

Once in a while you may see one of the following errors:

1) "Unable to Read Card". If you see this error, it just means that the entire magnetic strip was not read. Simply try again, making sure to keep the card within the swipe sleeve of the device for the full swipe of the magnetic strip. Do not lift the card out of the swipe sleeve while swiping it through or you'll risk not reading the entire magnetic strip.

2) "Hard Decline". This one means that the card cannot be accepted: either because it's an unaccepted card type (something other than Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), the card is expired, the card does not have sufficient funds available, or the card has been frozen by the customer's bank.These messages come directly from the card-issuing bank. You will not be able to complete a transaction with this card, and should ask for an alternative payment method from the customer.

3) "Service Unavailable (503)". This is a timeout error that periodically happens when your internet connection slows (or drops out). If this occurs, simply hit back to get to the item select screen, make sure your item selection is still there, and hit "checkout" to try again.

If you see another error, please let us know!

If an error occurs, simple hit back to get to the item select screen, make sure your item selection is still there, and hit "checkout" to try again.

Don’t forget: if you have any questions, feedback, or even just want us to edit or create your event for you, we’re happy to help! Don’t forget to test your in-person transactions :)