My customer needs a refund. Can I refund their purchase?

Yes, you can! The option to refund a customer's purchase is available in your transactions reporting. Use the filters to quickly locate their transaction by the last 4 digits on the card used to purchase, name on card, or date of their purchase. Then click on the orange number link in the Trans ID column to open their transaction details. Here you'll see 4 orange links next the transaction number: Print Receipt | Print Ticket | Send Customer Receipt | Refund Transaction. Clicking "Refund Transaction" will refund the entire amount of the purchase. Issuing a refund will devalidate the associated tickets, so these will no longer be accepted when scanned on the app at your event.

Only 100% refunds are currently possible for event administrators. If you need to issue a partial refund to a customer, please contact the Passage support team at We are able to process partial refunds on your behalf. Just include the customer's email address, name on card, or last 4 digits of their card number along with the the amount to refund, and we will take care of it for you right away.