For information and tips about using the new version of the Passage Manager app, please watch the video found at this page:

To start scanning tickets, open the Passage Manager app on your iOS or Android device and log in with your Passage account email and password. Then, select "Check In" from the options at the bottom of the screen on iOS; on Android click the ≡ icon to expand the options menu, and select "Check In." Tap "Scan" and make sure its box is highlighted orange.

First things first: scanning is related to whatever event, ticket type, and time-slot settings you have selected. Select the event you will be scanning for with the top button on the Check In screen. By default "Any Time" and "Any Ticket Type" will be the settings for the other two buttons. This will allow you to scan for any tickets purchased for that event. If you want to narrow down what will scan successfully, then tap those buttons to select a specific timeslot or a specific ticket type.

Second, there are TWO SCANNING MODES. These can be switched in the app settings. On iOS click the "Settings" icon at the bottom, then select "Scan Mode." On Android click the ≡ to expand the options menu and select "Scanning Options."

  1. With Quick Scan turned on (toggled to the right) scanning the QR code will simply return a green checkmark for a valid ticket, or a red X for an invalid ticket.

    X means there are no passes on the scanned ticket that are unused and match the conditions selected (event, ticket type, and time slot).

    means ONE available pass has been redeemed for the conditions selected (event, ticket type, and time slot). Tap the screen to continue redeeming passes for the number of customers entering, or until the scan returns a red X.

    Example scenario: If someone has 4 valid entries available, scanning, and getting a yes once will mark off one of those tickets, but three will still remain. Scan three more times, and all four will be used. When all tickets are used, the next scan will return a red X on screen signifying all available passes have been used.

  2. With Quick Scan turned off (toggled to the left) scanning the QR code will display the customer's entire order. Individual tickets or all tickets can then be redeemed by toggling the buttons next to them to the right. This scan mode is best used when scanning for multiple events at one time, a situation where Quick Scan would return an invalid response for an event that wasn't selected. This mode will also allow you to identify and redeem only the specific desired ticket type(s) to redeem, while Quick Scan would just redeem one-by-one down the list.

    If the customer has a long list of passes available, you can use the "Redeem All" option to check in every member of their party at once. The toggles from all passes will flip to the right. Whether redeeming all or only part of an order, when you're done redeeming tap the back arrow at the top of the screen to return to the Check In screen.