Bundles allow you to sell groups of tickets together for one price. This can be very useful for handling situations such as the following:

  • Season tickets for events taking place on different dates 
  • Multiple attractions at one or more locations
  • Combo passes for multiple events
Start creating your bundle by following its link at the top of your admin screen. To create your first bundle click the "New Bundle" button. Give your bundle a name and assign a price, then use the description field to let your customers know what this bundle gives them and why they should purchase. After that, select the ticket types to include as part of the bundle and save by clicking the "Create Bundle" button. As with all of your events, tickets, and products on Passage, you'll be able to edit any of your bundle details later without affecting previous sales. To edit a bundle, simply return to the bundles section and click the "edit" link found in the action column.
Customers will be able to select a date and time for their tickets from the available timeslots when purchasing a bundle. Tickets purchased as part of a bundle will each receive part of the total discount, and will be automatically assigned a discount code beginning with "bundle" followed by a successive number designation. You will be able to track bundled sales in your Discounts reporting using the "Bundles" filter, as well as in individual transaction details.