For information and tips about using the Passage Manager app, please watch the video found here:

Passage not only allows you to sell tickets to your events online in advance, you can also sell tickets and products in-person at the event. Both credit card and cash transactions can be processed and included in your reporting alongside your online sales. In order to accept credit card transactions, you must have one of our supported card swipers.

Swiper orders can be placed at this link:

To get started with in-person sales, just plug the card swiper into the audio jack, turn the volume up all the way (this will ensure you have the best connection), and open the app. Log in with your Passage account email and Password. Then, press the "Sell" icon from the options at the bottom of the screen on iOS; on Android click the ≡ icon to expand the options menu, and select "Sell." 

Tap the button at the top labelled "Select an Event" and choose the event from the list for which you wish to sell tickets or products. Then, tap "Events" for ticket sales or tap "Products" for product sales. You can switch back and forth between these options to include both on the same order.

Ticket Sales: Make sure "Events" is highlighted, then select the timeslot being sold for. This will bring up a list of available ticket types. Tap an item once to add it to cart; tap multiple times to increase the quantity in the order. To remove an item from the cart, tap the "-" (minus sign) inside an orange circle icon next to the item in the cart. One item will be removed for each time the icon is tapped. To clear out an entire order and start over, just press "Clear." When the order is all set, press "Checkout" to take you to the screen to accept payment.

Product Sales: Make sure "Products" is highlighted. You'll see two lists arranged on screen: "Associated Products" are products assigned to the event, "Other Products" is a list of every product you have created so that you can also sell those. Select a product name from the list to load its variants, then tap an item once to add it to cart; tap multiple times to increase the quantity in the order. The cart is the same as for products, so you can remove products, clear cart, or advance to checkout as detailed above.

To sell for different events or switch between product and ticket sales tap the back arrow at the top of the screen. Tap the event name and select a new name to add tickets for another event. Tap the "Events" or "Products" option to switch between them.

Checkout Screen: On the checkout screen are shown 4 rows of pricing.

  1. Tax - If you have tax set tax for your venue or products, then this will be calculated here.
  2. Cash Total - The total dollar amount of tickets and products being purchased plus tax (if applicable), without fees included. Service and processing fees do not apply to cash sales.
  3. Service Fee - If you have service fees set to pass on to customers, then these will be calculated here.
  4. Grand Total - The total dollar amount of tickets and products being purchased + tax (if applicable) + service fee.

You can also apply promo codes created for your venues or events on the app from this checkout screen. Clicking the blue "Apply Promo Code" button will bring up a list of promo codes you have created on the system. Tap the code to use, and the order totals will automatically update. Only 1 promo code can be used per transaction. 

Payment Options: There are 3 options for accepting payment
  1. Swipe Card
  2. Key Card
  3. Cash
After payment has been accepted, the transaction has been processed. The final screen provides the option to collect a customer signature for credit/debit card sales, email the customer a receipt, print tickets (if you have a BOCA printer), or print a receipt (if you have a STAR receipt printer - more info here). The signature must be collected for all purchases with a card, but is optional for cash purchases. When you've completed, tap the "Done" button to return to the selling screen.